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     (C-SHARP) C# Programs.

        (one of the more recently created programming languages).


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*   A simple C# based search engine:

Search-specific for programming

language files.

It is based on C# and HTML ( known as, to those new-comers as Hypertext Markup Language).

 Ideally one would like to interface C# with CGI

(known as Common Gateway Interfacing) to produce an impressive search engine.

The search engine on offer should be used to specifically search for

JAVA,BBC BASIC,COBOL and C++ programming language files on the web.

Price: £5.99

( UK Sterling)/ $10 (USD)    

* At present the source code for this program might not be available
as the programs are being revised and updated, so email for details.
In this case a sample program is available, but this is just for viewing alone
- this is not to be sold or for commercial exploitation as a stand-alone product.

( It cannot be reproduced or copied for commercial use).




Image  Technical Solutions

and Software Programming Queries:



Please feel free to ask questions about the syntax and also to verify queries about the C++ programs, C# and JAVA programs.

I am reasonably adept in knowledge about these programming languages

and I would be able to help you with queries regarding C#,C++, JAVA

( and even Linux, though there are none of these programs available in my

web pages for reasons discussed earlier).

      Knowing the ancient programming languages

      eg. BBC BASIC, etc.

It is sometimes said that learning the fundamental basics of programming languages such as BBC BASIC used in the 1970's and 1980's,

can aid comprehending JAVA & C++ ( 5th generation languages ).

Furthermore it is very similar to

Simpletron Machine Language, and the game programming language DARK BASIC.

Here too I can offer help, if the person wishes to learn just some BBC BASIC, Simpletron Machine Language, or even DARK BASIC programming.

In general one should find that learning these can help master JAVA & C++.

       Yours sincerely,

       Vijay Simhadri, Software Programmer ( © Simhadri Software).

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(Contact: simhadrisoftware@zoomshare.com

      for software syntax queries and programming language help)

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Thanking you,      



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   software programmer       



 Further Simhadri

Software  C# products

in the nearest future!


Image    Recent Award won:

Image  TSaward (Silver), 16th Feb (2006) -

A recent website award won.

Classical & Pop Music for sale:

We, Simhadri Software as a subsidiary venture, have composed some classical/pop music for sale. All this has been composed by the musician & composer Vijay Simhadri. The musical transcripts and recordings are all for sale.

Check out the link: www.simhadrisoftwaremusicplayback.moonfruit.com

for details.

  Image  Thank you for your interest.

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