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Free Poems:

(you may copy these free of charge if interested).

Free Poem 1: The Boat:

The boat was wooden and floated well,

I had stayed on it for hours and yet could telll

That low beneath in the shallow waters,

Were tiny fish and marine life below,

As I was accompanied by my daughters,

I could see current brush aside and flow.

The crystal blue river sparkled in the sun

I thought I might try fishing from my boat,

'Yes' I thought, 'That might be fun!'

Into my diary the number of catches I wrote,

Whilst fishing I started to dote,

I grinned in triumph, it was now time to gloat.

Free Poem 2: Attacking into the Night Sky.

I gazed up in the night,

The stars were a wonderful sight, 

The sky was dark, elusive and jet black,

I thought to myself, 'Yes its time to attack...'

I aggressively rotated my telescope from side to side,

I identified various constellations which did the sky divide,

I zoomed through my telescope and invaded the sky,

With careful observation I felt it was time to try,

I noticed planets like Saturn surrounded with a ring,

Which in isolation did vivid wonders yet bring.

Free Poem 3: The Watchman

The watchman stood beside the building's gate,

He looked tense, freezing and definitely irate,

He had been waiting for hours and was very tired,

He felt though he ought to have retired

Away from noises of cars and mopeds outside,

And into the warmth and homely flat inside.

Fireworks crackled in the distance,

Boys and girls gazed at them with great reverrence,

It was getting cold outside and the watchman wore a coat,

He took out his book and something into it wrote,

It was time to pack up and call it a day,

There was no point staying here in this boring way.

Free Poem 4: Music.

I listened to fabulous music,

The sound really gave a kick,

The party was buzzing and everyone was dancing,

My friend beside me was singing,

I asked my friend why he was dancing:

'Is the music really that good?'

He now started partying and rejoicing,

He asked me to dance, he said really I should.

Melodic music filled the dance scene,

The whole place was so nice and clean,

Now I liked the slick music and the lovely beat,

The American singer's dancing was an amazing feat,

I started break-dancing, everyone gazed in wonder,

I thought to myself, ' They are waiting for me to blunder,'

The people around started to yell and cheer,

My friend looked astonished and with fear,

He asked me where did I know how to dance so good,

I told him to practise, really he should!

Poem 5: The Cricket Match

The cricket match started and everyone watched,

 I waited till the batsman botched,

Everyone was watching interested and keenly,

I observed the green, smooth pitch intensely,

'OUT' pointed the umpire with his fingers,

The batsman cried tears almost like rivers,

All the players were emotional and thrilled,

The batsman was with disappointment filled.

Poem 6: The Calculator

The boy looked into the calculator,

That was the number he had been searching for,

He had been puzzled for days,

He was irritated by the puzzle's complex ways,

He thought and pondered for a while,

This calculation went on for almost a mile,

He tossed over the papers that were in a pile,

He knew the answer so he gave a smile.

Poem 7: The Marathon

The runner kept running reluctant to stop,

His competitor was ready to collapse and flop,

The runner kept running as endurance was the key,

Observers were preparing for their tea,

The marathon was impressive and interesting,

The competitor was behind the runner and lagging,

The runner was in his mind bragging,

'At last I have won!' he thought,

'This race was really quite short.'

Poem 8: The Holiday.

It was now holiday time,

Kids had just been watching the pantomime,

We travelled along the road by car,

The shoreline stretched along very far,

As far as I could see the view seemed very nice,

The summer sun was there to entice,

Tourists that found this spot very warm,

Were also safe and away from harm.  

Poem 9: The Windmill.

There stood the windmill,

It was there looking amazing and still,

Suddenly came a gush of breeze,

It oscillated amongst the swaying trees,

The sheep that grazed nearby lay alone,

A plane above it had indeed flown,

There was grass almost like the countryside,

Surrounding the windmill that stood beside.

Poem 10: The Book

The student had read the book for days,

He was tired of its boring ways,

The book was about life on an island,

He held it reluctantly in his hand,

He turned the pages without interest,

He thought, 'This is a book I truly detest,'

It was time to recline and sleep,

He had never got into the story very deep.

Poem 11: The Tissue Box

The person started to weep,

His emotions were filled so deep,

The tissue box was placed very near,

To help with every frequent tear,

He used a tissue to wipe his eyes,

He felt like becoming happy would be wise,

He looked unhappy and far from glad,

He thought he was only an innocent lad,

Poor relations with others had made him cry,

He looked at the clock where time did in fact fly.

Poem 12: The Egyptian Key

The key opened a mysterious Egyptian room,

Without the key one was in doom,

The key did help to open

The mystifying room inside which lay objects broken,

The explorer looked inside,

And there was in the darkness to confide,

With a torch to enlighten the place,

There was no sign or trace,

Of others or people around,

Only broken objects on the ground.

Poem 13: The Cat

The cat could see in the dark,

Observers saw it without a remark,

Its eyes glistened in the night,

Shining as though glimmering white,

It could see as though everything was bright,

It could see even though there was no light,

The cat was dark and black,

In the night did it prey attack.

Poem 14: The Countryside

The countryside looked lovely and beautiful,

In the sun so bright and scorchful,

A river snaked along the hillside,

And did many regions divide,

Green hills and valleys did cover the landscape,

One could only admire and gape,

At the amazing scenery that did surround,

Up above and on the ground. 

Poem 15: The Telephone.

The telephone kept on ringing,

I did find it very annoying,

So many times during the day

Did it ring and this annoying game play,

I wondered when it would stop,

Or would it ring like that non-stop,

I found it very irritating,

Always like that reverberating.

Poem 16: The Piano

The piano sounded melodious in tone,

He enjoyed playing it alone,

He was playing it in a concert,

He thought it was time to revert,

To another interesting piece,

That he could play with ease,

The notes sounded lovely,

The audience enjoyed and clapped nicely.

Poem 17: The Television.

They watched the TV for hours on end,

I was thinking what wonders it would send,

My parents were stuck to TV always,

From months to months, and days to days,

They said that what they were watching they enjoyed,

I felt that what they were watching I must avoid,

For it did little pleasures bring,

As the TV was only a small wonderous thing.

Poem 18: Galileo's Thermometer.

In the tube colored spheres rose to the top,

Only at the correct temperature they would stop,

The thermometer would tell the right temperature,

That was a Galileo Thermometer's nature,

The highest sphere told the degree,

As the experienced viewer could see,

It was devised by Galileo in those days,

He enlightened the world with his clever ways.

Poem 19: The Astronaut.

The boy met an astronaut who had been four times out to space,

He shook hands with him and was glad to see his face,

The astronaut grinned with glee,

He was happy as one could see,

The boy had been waiting and stuck in those long queues,

He thought this was an occasion that he simply must not refuse,

He was glad that he had paid the entrance fee,

'To escape from Earth,' he thought, 'would be an ideal, escapist way to flee!'

Poem 20: Hockey.

The hockey match had started,

Every hockey player around darted,

They ran along the playing field,

One person used another as a shield,

The best player was ready to score a goal,

He shot through a hole,

The crowd watching shouted and cheered,

Alas, this is what the goalkeeper feared.

Poem 21: The Tennis match.

Both of the players shook hands,

One player checked how the tennis ball lands, 

The tennis match had now just begun,

It was now time for the spectators to enjoy the sun,

The umpire called out the score,

And the linesman shouted out each flaw,

One player was winning and he won the game,

The other looked in grief - he wished it was the same.

Poem 22: Bowling.

The elderly man bowled along the green,

It was nicest pitch that he had ever seen,

The bowling ball curved along,

The bowler must have been quite strong,

For the target was very far away,

The Sun shone radiantly on this humid day,

One commented that his shot was very good,

One crept up to it and checked where it stood.

Poem 23: Cricket Revisited (2nd poem).

The crowd congregated at the match,

The crowd seemed the most boisterous batch,

The bowler bowled the ball sharply and with ease,

The batsman hit back fast at the crease,

The batsman's hit looked like a six,

The fielder knew that he was in a fix,

Though he followed and chased after it,

The shot reached the boundary as an excellent hit.

Poem 24: The Wedding.

The wedding was conducted with  pomp and glory,

For a couple it opened up an interesting new story,

Crowds gathered around to bless the bride,

It was now time for the couples to decide

On what future life had in store for them.

The bride was proudly wearing a gem,

Which had been bought by her newly wed husband,

With all his wealth and his long saved fund,

A person close by greeted the couple as a friend,

And wished future goodwill and also happiness it would send,

The couple thought they should in a foreign land spend:

Their honeymoon which is where it ought to end.

Poem 25: The Plane.

The family had travelled the lands,

To islands, palm trees and golden sands,

They visited many countries long and far,

The had been guided by the bright shining pole star,

They had visited by plane Athen, Paris, and Rome.

Now they were pleased to have made their way home,

Friends around courteously greeted them when back,

The family was relaxed and pleased everything was slack,

For to return home was in fact a delight,

How lovely it was to return home and what a splendid sight,

To come back home to their nice, cosy spot,

Away from the busy hassle of the pesky tourist lot.

Poem 26: The Calendar

The calendar told me important dates,
When I should join and meet my mates,
I looked at the calendar with great intent,
And planned my time would be well spent,
I circled with my pencil a day as being important,
It was on the calendar a day in Lent,
I thought that I would look forward to this day,
For once enjoyed there would be no replay.

Poem 27: The Accountant

The accountant looked at various bills,
He had also been reading several wills,
His son had been taking evening classes,
The accountant put on his reading-glasses,
He decided that he would return home late,
He would do all his work and therefore wait,
Till all office work had been completed and done,
Only then there would be time for some fun.

Poem 28:Chess

The chess player looked at his knight,
His opponent was now playing white,
The clock ticked away in the background,
The whole place was quiet without a sound,
Time for the game was running out,
There wasn't time to ponder about,
Chess was an interesting and intellectual game,
Without a good opponent it was never the same!

Poem 29: The Jungle

Into the jungle the explorer did venture,
This trip really did seem like an adventure,
The undergrowth seemed twisted, rough and mean,
The path was tortuous and the toughest ever seen,
The explorer realised that he had lost his hat,
He wished the ground had been simple and flat,
For it was impossible to find what he had lost,
Anyway it didn't matter as it was little cost.

Poem 30:The Weighing Machine

On the weighing machine he weighed his weight,
He had avoided putting on weight till it was too late,
The weighing scale indicated his weight in pounds,
He was thankful he wasn't overweight and out of bounds,
His family also intrigued had a look,
The scales oscillated for a while and shook,
He read his weight as he was in doubt,
So he read his weight confidently out.

Poem 31: The Actor

The actor was using his expertise and acting skill,
In the authentic fight scene he closed in for the kill,
Cameraman's camera homed in for the 'take',
The movie was ready for the 'retake',
The director didn't like the 'take' and shouted 'cut!',
The actor closed his eyes almost wide shut,
He thought 'When is this going to stop?!'
'Or is this movie just another flop?'

Poem 32: The Pub

I went into the pub and went straight for some beer,
I felt that I would enjoy it, there was no fear,
Friends around shook hands with me,
They greeted me jovially and I was glad to see
That all my friends were there in the pub,
I drank my beer quick as it was time for some grub,
People around asked me whether I was fine,
I searched for my purse that was mine,
I tipped the bartender for the drink,
I felt satiated, content and full to the brink.

Poem 33: The Orchard

In the orchard stood a colorful, speckled tree,
Covered with green and red leaves as one could see,
In the orchard were fields of grass,
The other trees in heights did it so surpass,
Above this colorful tree and land,
Rabbits did jump and hop around,
They did sometimes motionlessly stand,
And travel stealthily along the ground.

Poem 34: Heated Debate

The argument of the fierce debate had started,
Everyone in the crowd listening were angered,
The speaker was very scared and nervous,
To finish the speech was his purpose,
The speaker quivered tense with fear,
The end of the speech was coming near,
The speaker collapsed on the ground,
Everyone else watching in surprise frowned.

Poem 35: The Tibetan Mountainous Yak.

I jumped onto the mountainous yak,
Tomorrow it was time to pack
As it was time go back home,
So with this yak I would roam,
All by myself alone,
I started to moan,
This yak was so slow,
Is this how fast it could go?

Poem 36: The Buddhist Retreat (Sikkim Province).

I met some Buddhist people at a monastery,
They had shaven heads and were weary,
For they had been praying for hours on end,
Waiting for what miracles it would send,
There was a view of high mountains beyond,
This was a place of which I was very fond,
Everest stood ice-capped far away,
I was tired so I thought I'd call it a day.

Poem 37: The Radio

I listened to the radio and the news,
Now it was time for a snooze,
It was early in the morning,
I had been resting from journeying,
Yesterday had been eventful,
Today I was resentful,
As I had walked a lot last night,
And was tired from the plane flight.
The radio kept babbling on,
I was waiting till the news had gone.

Poem 38: The Window.

I looked outside of window and saw the landscape,
The scenery outside could only make me gape,
Many birds of a feather,
Did indeed flock together,
The grassy scenery was picturesque,
I opened my office desk,
So for my camera to search,
Outside I could see an ornate church,
To take a picture that would be an idea,
Of scenery prized and quite so dear.

Poem 39: The Sports Cap

I would wear the cap whilst playing tennis,
Whilst hitting, I hoped I would not the ball miss,
The cap would help me against the heat,
I was thought I could my opponent beat,
My tennis racquet shone in the light,
The ball took its amazing flight,
It hovered over the net,
A neat drop shot was set,
The grassy ground was slippery and wet,
The shot the opponent approached and met.

Poem 40: The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower towered above to great heights,
At night it was illuminated by shiny lights,
I bought an Eiffel Tower momento,
To keep and to others show,
I decided to buy a postcard,
To find a good photo would be hard,
In the lift I scaled up the beautiful Eiffel Tower,
Fireworks at nightfall were shooting around like a shower.
Poem 41: Jefferson Expansion Memorial

I saw the lovely, shining arch of metal,
It curved above looking very tall,
It was a memorial of expansion,
I thought that it was worth a mention
That it looked very impressive,
I looked upon it so pensive,
And contemplated on how it was made,
Or even better how much this colossal structure weighed.

Poem 42: The TGV Train - "Le train à grande vitesse."

The TGV train travelled very fast,
I watched it as it passed,
It was an amazing train,
I saw it fly by and keep to its lane,
Now I travelled inside it,
I saw it travel and into different lanes split,
And I looked outside of its window,
There was impressive scenery to show,
Lovely landscapes were rushing by,
How lovely did time fly.

Poem 43: Chinese Checkers

I saw a person play Chinese Checkers well,
He seemed focused and almost in a spell,
His ability was amazing and like a wizard,
For to play the game was very hard,
A peg in the game hopped over the hole,
To reach the other side was the goal,
One player was in triumph and glory,
He thought it was the end of the story.

Poem 44: The Hovercraft

The boy travelled by hovercraft from Dover to Calais,
To hover over the sea was the hovercraft's way,
It floated over the water and a calming sea,
From every corner one could see the scenery,
The ocean wind blew from one side,
Stretches of land did the sea divide,
The journey was rapid and very short,
Though in the stormy wind we were caught.

Poem 45: The Badminton Match.

The player hit the shuttlecock with great speed,
The opponent missed the shot and paid no heed
To the coach's words and important advice,
He thought playing by himself would be nice,
Badminton was a fun and an energetic game,
The coach had arrived and just came,
The coach told him to listen and pay attention,
To advice that he should never shun.

Poem 46: The Horse

The horse was roaming in the farmland,
I approached it having an apple in my hand,
I fed it an apple, the horse seemed very interested,
It ate it up, the horse was happy that it had rested,
I stroked the horse it seemed very cute,
It was unresponsive, quiet and almost mute.
I could see the barley fields far away,
I was thinking this was such a pleasant day.

Poem 47: Sanskrit

Sanskrit was a classical Indian text,
I was reading the Sanskrit story,
Wondering what was next,
I felt very resentful and sorry
That I had not learned sanskrit earlier,
For Sanskrit was an interesting read,
I was adamant and not in fear,
To read Sanskrit there was a need.

Poem 48: The Barber

The barber shaved the man's face,
With a whole beard the man was in disgrace,
The barber applied foam with care,
He started to shave the man so fair,
The man told him to beware,
There was only so much he could bear.
The barber now cut his hair,
He had given the man a good style,
The man looked in a mirror for a while,
He was content and far from despair.

Poem 49: Sports Shoes

The runner wore special sport shoes,
To help him when he moves,
He raced around the running track,
He was now getting the 'knack',
The shoes gave him comfort,
It also gave excellent support,
The shoes helped improve his fitness,
It also improved bodily suppleness.

Poem 50: The Carnival

The carnival procession had started,
Everyone enjoyed and celebrated,
Trumpets and accordions were around,
There was dancing and melodious sound,
There was humming and clattering,
The noise dispersed and there was scattering,
People danced in harmony,
It was so lovely and sunny.

Poem 51: The Gym

I was spending my time in the gym,
That was my recreational whim,
I was energetically pumping iron,
To become strong that was my yearn,
There was music in the background,
I loved the music and that sound,
I thought I must try harder,
To pull up weights heavier.
I thought I must fight that fatigue,
So I pulled up weights in my league.

Poem 52: Winding Road

I walked along the winding road,
Carrying my school rucksack as a load,
There I was lost and weary,
I walked along everything seemed eerie,
When would this path end?
I travelled along that winding bend,
I wondered what goodness it would send.
I hoped that this awful weather would mend.

Poem 53: The Swan

The swan was in a pond,
Of this swan I was very fond,
It looked very dainty in the light,
As the sun shone so bright,
With my camera I took a picture of it,
Now I would on a bench sit,
And admire it by myself,
I decided that I would into my book delve,
That I had picked up from favourite shelf,
It was a fairy-tale story about an elf,
I read it with interest,
This story was the best.

Poem 54: The Mouse

The scurrying mouse ran around,
It was running along the ground,
It looked petrified and frightened,
There was no one for it to defend,
A hungry, scary cat chased after it,
It ran into its hole and there it would sit,
The cat was interested in capturing the mouse,
As it ran around the floors of the house.

Poem 55:The Coca-Cola Can

I drank the Coca-Cola can,
I passed it to another man,
He drank it with glee,
He was content as could be,
I had drunk it to quench my thirst,
I wanted to satisfy my tiredness first,
The coke bottle glistened in the sun,
Whilst we enjoyed party life fun.

Poem 56: The Lawnmower

I mowed the grassy lawn,
Everyone around had gone,
Bees kept buzzing around,
I could hear their silent sound,
Birds chirped on branches of a tree,
They were as happy as could be,
I kept on cutting the grass,
Around the garden the lawnmower would pass.

Poem 57: The Bonfire

It was bonfire night,
There emanated a sparkle of light,
The bonfire crackled with fury,
Everything looked dark and bleary,
People gathered around the fire nearby,
It was getting freezing and bitterly cold,
One man did complain and sigh,
It was time to go back his household.

Poem 58: The Football Match

The footballer kicked the football along,
He was indeed very hard and strong,
He ran across the smooth playing field,
He approached the referee and kneeled,
He asked to give their side a free kick,
All these arguments were making him sick,
The referee shook disagreeingly his head,
He couldn't give the footballer what he said.

Poem 59: The Computer Game

The boy played the computer game,
He had a top score to enter into the hall of fame,
He kept on playing the game and having fun,
He waited till the game music had begun,
Hours he spent engrossed playing it,
He tried the enemy aliens to hit,
He was getting a very high score,
This was excellent game for sure.

Poem 60: The Builder

The builder was building a flat,
I could see it from where I sat,
It would be constructed in time,
I was drinking a drink of fresh lime,
The digger was moving and nearby,
All could I do is but sit here and sigh,
There was loud noise outside,
I wished I could find some place to hide.

Poem 61: The Garage Party

One classmate invited me to a garage party,
I could not go and I felt it was just meant to be,
For the party was celebrated in extravagance,
In a way I thought I could also sense,
That this had been an opportunity well missed,
I wish this occasion I had never dismissed,
It would have been a time to be entertained,
However I was told on the day that it rained.

Poem 62: California

My parents told me we would go to California next year,
I told my family that they would my decision soon hear,
I was really keen to see the US west coast,
I was wondering who would be our host,
I wanted to see the giant redwood trees,
Be amidst the coastal ocean's breeze,
I wished to see Yosemite National Park,
Yes, I would come to California and make my remark.

Poem 63: The Truck

I drove in a huge truck,
In a traffic jam we were stuck,
I sounded angrily the horn,
It was middle of the morn,
Everything was motionless,
Our journey seemed so purposeless.
Eventually the traffic started moving,
There was no need for barging or shoving.

Poem 64: Wyoming

Wyoming looked so scenic,
It was time there for a picnic,
The mountains were in the background,
The birds on the trees made chirping sound,
The wooden cabin was there beyond,
To there I would secretly abscond,
A placid river ran nearby,
I decided in the summer sun to lie.
Grassy fields surrounded the planes,
Around meadow flowers and beautiful terrains.


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